Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick Update

Okay, well to check in with you guys as I take my 3:30 am break:

Today I have made great progress! As it is, you can spectate or join the game. If you join the game as a human, you actually are a pink t-rex. If you join as a dino, you are a normal looking raptor. So I am now in the process of melding into netPlayer a first person view capability so that the human can actually be a ..err.. human.

Then I am going to hook up the controls and movement for the players so that that is shared through the network as well as everything else. As it is it's only local, as I ripped out the code when I was having some issues from before. I am going to build it better this time, but it's already rather fun as when you spawn as a dinosaur, the camera is behind you, so actually feel like you are running around in a real game!

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