Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whoo pathing

Hooray! Got pathing functioning. Currently it just uses linear interpolation but we needed it without having to use the standard Uniengine pipeline of using 3ds Max. We are doing it so that we can place out nodes, or trace camera movement, in-engine, then replay that behavior on command. My code is in my personal testbed, as is Michael's in his, so tomorrow (read: later today) we are going to merge them.

Hopefully a pretty video will result once we have all this done. Also will be able to be used for cinematics, object motion, and many other such things!

Welp, it's now 6 AM and I have stayed up FAAARRR too long!  BUT!  I created a server statistic/management page and successfully have communications from game to web and from web to game! Victory! Great success! *passes out*


  1. Hi ! May it will be interesting for you.

    pretty lightspeed navigation mesh\path library )

  2. Hi Jeka, I am very sorry for the loooong delay in me responding to you, but I wanted to thank you for sharing that library's link!!!