Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, unfortunately I won't be doing much more work on at least one of my recent songs as after a little bit of work it seems to jig Live into only my right audio channel and if I barely touch the set Live just crashes and I have to wait a while so I can restart it. Soo, I am typing this. Networking is coming along great! I do wish it was coming along faster, but who doesn't. As well, it actually has come quite fast, because I got it all working manually already! But, I trashed that after getting an awesome response from the Unigine crew shedding a little more light on their networking system.

Long story short is that I was essentially going to be recreating some parts of what they've already done, so I decided it would be best to use theirs - after all, it will be the most likely candidate if there are somehow any engine-side speedups that can be taken advantage of (in the e-mail they mentioned increasing performance with networking) anyway. So, things have hit a few hitches. Nothing major really, just silly minor bugs - the kind that any really serious project requires attention to. Such as states being shared by the server somehow mismatching the server's actual memory, so that while even ON the server there are the right amount of players, anyone who joins gets anyone who hasn't joined. Most likely I have either missed a command, or something else, perhaps an assert or if-return is running before the right destruction procedure. So far though, the logs on both server and client's consoles read a-ok. It's possible it is a Unigine side problem, but this already spans a good 13-15 files already and it really could be split into more so I am not ruling out that it's my error somewhere. Looks like Live has stopped so I'm gonna play around with some music for a bit and get back to coding. :)

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